Nothing affects the sound more than a high-quality power source to all components of the audio path.

By compiling our experience in the development and use of Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR Linear Regulator, we have created the first DIY-friendly premium product – PSU series that everyone can customize according to their preferences and needs, with the option of further modifications and / or upgrades, without the help of a soldering iron.

Heatsink Enclosure

During the development of our power supply, we paid special attention to design, material coating and overall appearance. Designed for the use with premium HiFi and Hi-End components, our power supply is made from high quality anodized aluminum, available in silver or black color (enclosure made in Japan, other color combinations available on request).

Perfect exterior is important, but it is not the only advantage of our enclosure.  Often, in the development of power supplies, engineers do not pay enough attention to  the design considerations for thermal management. The heatsink cooling efficiency is much lower inside the case comparing to open air (workbench) operation due to higher ambient temperature, which depends on the design of the enclosure and the power dissipated by the regulator IC.

Finally – we offer a solution:

  • An aluminium enclosure equipped with a highly efficient heat-sink top cover.
  • Each heat-sink fin has a waved surface construction for maximum cooling performance.
  • A unique pattern for thermal vias, which transfers heat effectively from the IC to the back side of the PCB
  • 2oz copper PCB with ENIG Finish
  • Сopper heatbridge between PCB and enclosure cover

Premium PCB

Years of experience, thousands of regulators sold, hundreds of satisfied customers, all of that allows us to create a perfect product.

DXP series PCB  are made from 2oz copper fiberglass with electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) finish, using only original components from leading manufacturers, such as NKK Switches, CUI сonnectors, Murata MLCC, AVX Tantalum Capacitors etc. We strictly follow manufacturer’s recommendations for PCB layout and component selection.

Solderless Upgrade
Repair Capabilities

Another special feature of our product is the option of easy upgrade or replacement modules, even for the beginner DIYers. The smart design and the use of high-quality connectors allows you to add modules and configure the power supply according to your requirements, even without advanced soldering skills.

Moreover, when a new regulator with better specs hits the market, we will release a new PCB in the same layout, and the DXPWR’s clients can replace only the board itself without changing the whole unit.

Product Range

I/O Modules

Modules with Input Output connectors and On/Off Switch, can be used stand alone or interconnected with other modules.

LT3045-1A5IO : 3xLT3045 Input/Output Board 1V-15V, 1.5A
LT3045-3A5IO : 6xLT3045 Input/Output Board 1V-15V, 3.0A
(coming soon)
TP4701-2A0IO :  2xTPS7A4701 Board 1.4V-20.5V, 2A
(under development)

Pre-Regulator Modules

Used in Series with I/O Modules to improve overall performance

LT3045-1A5 : 3xLT3045 Board 1V-15V, 1.5A

Interconnect Boards (to replace Jumpers – under development)

X1 – Module – board interconnect
Z1 – Module – control configuration module
Z2 – Module – overpolarity & overvoltage protection, control configuration module