Product Range

I/O Modules

Modules with Input Output connectors and On/Off Switch, can be used stand alone or interconnected with other modules.

LT3045-1A5IO : 3xLT3045 Input/Output Board 1V-15V, 1.5A
LT3045-3A5IO : 6xLT3045 Input/Output Board 1V-15V, 3.0A
(coming soon)
TP4701-2A0IO :  2xTPS7A4701 Board 1.4V-20.5V, 2A
(under development)

Pre-Regulator Modules

Used in Series with I/O Modules to improve overall performance

LT3045-1A5 : 3xLT3045 Board 1V-15V, 1.5A

Interconnect Boards (to replace Jumpers – under development)

X1 – Module – board interconnect
Z1 – Module – control configuration module
Z2 – Module – overpolarity & overvoltage protection, control configuration module